Stack-A-Box modular home and office storage box system

New innovative front opening stackable plastic storage boxes, Australian-designed and built Aussi tough.  Tired of  heavy lifting while unstacking boxes to find things?  The new Stack-A-Box modular storage system is the ultimate hi value solution for easy access storage for home, office, garage and shed.  Australian-designed and patented world-wide.

Stack-A-Box storage modules can be used and stacked just like a regular storage box, but has the amazing added advantage of vertical sideways stacking to allow easy access through the reversible hinged front door, to any box in the stack without heavy lifting or re-arranging.



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Reo Bar Chairs – Australian designed

New Innovative low cost ABS Reo Bar chairs, tough and nestable with low profile, saving 60% in transport volume, and able to be walked on. 


Start saving on labour and transport costs today.

Present design reo bar chairs nest into each other at around the 25 to 30mm mark. This means a stack of 100 pieces would be 2.6 meters plus tall.  The new design reo bar chair nests at 10mm, this means a stack of 100 pieces of this new design would only be 1.05 meters tall, saving transport, storage and handling costs, a saving of 60% in volume compared to standard reo bar chairs, available in the market today.

The new reo bar chair can accept reo bar up to 20mm in diameter, they are supplied in stacked and tied as units of 50 pieces per unit. This is an easy to handle stack just over 500 mm tall. The concreter using these new bar chairs can conveniently carry twice as many of
them as the old design ones, a considerable saving in labour when used.

Tough as old boots:

Made from tough ABS, and able to be walked on, and is stable in hot and cold ambient temperatures, saving replacement time, unlike existing reo bar chairs made from polypropylene that can break, when stood on, and their strength can be effected by hot and cold ambient temperatures, which then have to be replaced.  Available in 50 to 65 mm reo bar chair size, and available in other sizes with volume orders.

Low cost:

The new reo bar chairs are very competitive in cost.

Proudly Australian designed by John Gaskell.

Low cost industrial pallet bin – 500 Kg rated and stackable.


Plastic pallet bin is very low cost and rated for 500k. They can be used for industrial transport and storage, for example in fish farms and for fruit and vegetable transport and storage. They are reasonably light, and very strong, and can also be used also for domestic use in garden sheds and garage as well.

500 Kg rated stackable pallet bins available in high volume.  Size: 1005mm Long, 805mm Wide, 850mm High.  Weight : Aprox. 16Kg (with holes), 19 Kg (no holes) Options: wheels & holes. Inside dimensions: 940mm Long, 750mm Wide X 697mm High.

The stackable plastic pallet bin is flat packed for storage and shipping, and is very easily assembled.

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