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We are a product design team that thinks differently.‹  We design, innovate, & produce high quality custom products that don’t cost the Earth.

  • Inventions, concepts, designs and ideas, transformed to a complete turnkey product solution ready for market.
  • Upgrades to existing parts or products that are labour intensive to manufacture, we can re-design them to a low cost hi-volume injection molded part.  Generally if you are hand making or machining above 100 parts, then the cost of re-designing and tooling up for injection molding, is very cost effective, and the cost per unit can be reduced by up to 80%.
  • New Products, custom designed and manufactured, in Australia or Offshore.
  • New molding dies, if you have an existing product that has production tooling, that is near the end of design life, or that is inefficient, we can design and manufacture a new replacement for you.
  • Confidentiality, we pride our-selves in keeping our customers’ intellectual property in-house, from design to production, so you have the peace of mind that what you tell us in confidence stays that way.
  • Confidence, with 30 years experience of product design and manufacturing, from Injection molded car parts, roto-molded sailing boats to nestable injection molded plastic boxes we won’t let you down.  We have many proven cost saving design solutions for products design just waiting to be implemented into your products. We can integrate fresh product styling with smart engineering, enhancing customer desire, while at the same time achieving tooling, part and assembly cost reductions. With 100+ different products being designed, and produced every year, by our team for our customers, we know how to achieve a winning product solution, that is both on time and cost effective.
  • Low cost, we specialise in the design and production of economical injection molding die solutions, for low and high volume production. If you want a part manufactured in volume, we can help you, reliably and at low cost.
  • Sourcing, we have a large data base of reliable product suppliers, which may already have a part or product that may match your requirements for a lower cost.
  • Start saving money today, email us in confidence with an existing design brief or concept, and we will quote you an estimated cost. Email us
  • Design guide, please feel free to review our free product design guide.

Feel free to visit our other website: http://turnkeyproductdesign.com.au, specialising in custom product design and high volume production of injection molded products and other production processes.

Stack-A-Box modular home and office storage box system

New innovative front opening stackable plastic storage boxes, Australian-designed and built Aussi tough.  Tired of  heavy lifting while unstacking boxes to find things?  The new Stack-A-Box modular storage system is the ultimate hi value solution for easy access storage for home, office, garage and shed.  Australian-designed and patented world-wide.

Stack-A-Box modules storage modules can be used and stacked just like a regular storage box, but has the amazing added advantage of vertical sideways stacking to allow easy access through the reversible hinged front door, to any box in the stack without heavy lifting or re-arranging.


“It’s all in the Box………..no tools required”


Base Core Side In Machine2

Base Part_1st Trial

Machining 316 Stainless steel ICA crest

ABS machined ICA crest prototype


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